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WEHS Band on the Run!

2021 Virtual 5K

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Wow!  What a great event!  Thank you so much for making this fundraiser a success.

We had 114 total registrations for the race, some coming from Indiana and New Mexico.  Registrations alone raised over $2000. 

Even better, it was awesome to see all your smiling faces, running partners, and props!  Special shout out as well to Mr. Basset's post!  Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm!  

And finally, what you're here for!


73 runners reporting

Overall male winner

    Tyler Harbison - 19:46

Overall female winner

    Kylie Dunham - 27:00

Fastest male under 15

    Carter Nguyen - 29:04

Fastest female under 15 

    Lucy Rogers - 49:49

Fastest male over 40

    Stephen Flores - 27:43

Fastest female over 40

    Marlo Paris - 28:30

Congratulations to all our winners!

(Overall winners are excluded from age group categories.)

Section awards:

The most participants:  Low Brass with 36 runners!

Fastest 3 runners:  Percussion with combined time of 1:16:28   (19:46, 28:15, 28:27)

Thank you to everyone who shared a picture!  Please enjoy the gallery of photos below!

(*Prize drawing results still to come!)

<---  Click to download a CSV of full 2021 results.

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