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Thanks for your interest in volunteering for the Pride of the East Pit Crew.  We are a vital support group for the band and color guard.  Through the Pit Crew, you can stay connected with your child during this busy season, learn more about marching band, meet other band parents, and have a great time!

The Pit Crew has the following major responsibilities:

  1. Loading and unloading band equipment on the trucks and trailers.

  2. Hauling equipment trailers to and from games and contests.

  3. Assembling props and helping to move props on and off the field for performances.

  4. Building and maintaining props for each year’s show.

  5. Occasionally we cook for the band.

For any questions, or to volunteer, please contact the Pit Crew Chief.

Samall sample of equpiement.

Small sample of equipment loaded


Pit Crew at Meet the Raider night on 8/19 @ Wylie Stadium

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