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TMEA All State Band Member Feature

The past few days we’ve celebrated our TMEA All-State band members! This would be the week they would travel down to San Antonio and spend until Saturday making amazing music with students from across the entire state. We want to celebrate their accomplishments in this time of unprecedented hardship. Last up is our TWO TIME ALL STATER Ryan Rodarte. Not only is he a two time member but this year he competed on the 6A track which can be much more difficult. Here’s a little bit about himself:

“My name is Ryan Rodarte and I am a senior at Wylie East High School. I play the clarinet, bass clarinet, and tenor saxophone. I plan on auditioning for music schools from both the University of North Texas and Texas Tech University. I am hoping to play clarinet professionally after college. I play video games and have a piano-restoring side business with my dad.”

Congratulations Ryan! We are so proud of you!

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